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At Cync Health, we use healthcare technology to keep patients home, healthy, and happy

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    Cync Health: Full Service Remote Patient Monitoring


    Reduce Readmission

    Our Remote Patient Monitoring technology is proven to reduce hospital readmission rates. Our team of physicians and nurses tracks each patient’s unique data to monitor for issues before they arise. We simply keep patients healthier.

    Program and
    Technology Cost

    Cync Health’s technology devices, monitoring service, and real-time data tracking are provided at zero cost to all Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients and healthcare providers/practices.

    Real Time Patient Information

    All devices arrive pre-programmed and customized to each patient's unique health care needs. Data is gathered through our 4g enabled devices; no need for WiFi, a computer, or smart phone.

    Our Technology

    Blood Pressure Monitor

    Patients receive a fully configured and ready to use out of the box blood pressure cuff and heart rate monitor, connected through our 4G network.

    Digital Weight

    Keep track of your weight and quickly share your progress digitally with your health care provider through our 4G network

    Blood Glucose Monitor

    Our blood glucose monitoring system consists of our glucometer and test strips. Results take less than 5 seconds and are instantly uploaded to your physician.


    *Coming Soon* Keep track of your heart rate and steps. The watch provides patients full control of emergency situations with a built in push to call feature.

    Preventive Care Starts at Home

    Our goal is to help keep patients in-home, healthy and happy. We understand the importance of preventative care and believe that a strong partnership and team is the key to successful patient care.

    Our technology fits seamlessly into a patient's busy life with data being monitored by physicians and nurses remotely. This data is tracked, trended, and used to tailor an individual healthcare plan in order to keep patient's healthy.

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